Welcome to Simon Chemouil's webpage!

Ok, last update was two years ago so I'll update this page. Current update: Dec 2010 :).
I'm currently working as a software engineer on Java, OSGi Eclipse technologies at ARTAL Technologies, Toulouse. In a past life I studied hardcore fundamental comp-sci.

I'm interested in Internet technologies (e.g, XMPP), data languages (e.g XML), programming languages (mostly Scala these days), software design and engineering (component-based design, currently OSGi), and in many other topics in which people are usually not interested in ;).

In my spare time, besides hacking I also play guitar, read and stuff. Yes I love finishing my sentenses by "and stuff".

I always accept going out for a beer and talk about technology: Scala, FP, Modeling, OSGi, DI, etc. You name it.

Now blogging again!

I should definitely be maintaining this page more (avoid editing it using vim).

Contact information:
Email: (NO_SPAM)simon-dot-chemouil-at-mithrandir-dot-net
XID: (NO_SPAM)magnet-at-mithrandir-dot-net
Twitter: @simach